This page contains useful ideas and activities created by our learning mentors to support your child’s mental wellbeing.

Learning mentors’ newsletter:

Learning mentors’ newsletter – 2021 – Issue 3

Creative and fun activities can help to boost your mental health. When you engage in doing something fun it can bring you enjoyment and make you feel good inside. It also can give you a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of being proud of yourself. 

Here’s an idea…

Plan and create an indoor or outdoor tea party. 

  • Write invitations – invite your family members and you could invite your teddies/dolls too.
  • Decide what you will serve – you could make some sandwiches, cut up and serve some fresh fruit or even bake some cakes with an adults help. 
  • Set it up – you could either use the table or put a blanket on the floor. 
  • Enjoy! 🙂

As the weather slowly warms up, try to get out to look for the first signs of spring.

Below is a spring treasure hunt, see how many you can find. 

We experience a range of emotions every day. Emotions give us information about what we are going through at that particular time. Some of these emotions are good, for example; you are going to the shop to buy something you have wanted for a long time, so you are feeling excited and happy. There are also some emotions that may not make you feel so good for example; you had plans to meet up with a friend but they had to cancel and you are feeling sad and disappointed. 

With any emotion, your body and mind will experience changes. Emotions are completely natural and are always changing as different things happen to us.

It can be difficult to control our feelings and emotions but we can control the way we react to them. 

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