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We are aiming for one trip or enrichment event every half term for each class from years 1-6. .

These can be events in school such as ‘Roman Day’ or outside visitors, they can be local trips to places such as Arnos Park or longer trips to Central London museums or galleries.

The trips need to include the ‘core offer’ for each year group outlined below.

Most trips or events should be free, but we can charge for some trips.

Charges should not be above £5 for each trip and not come to more than £10 over the year.

If we are charging for a trip, we aim to give parents several weeks’ notice to pay.

CORE OFFER – The ‘Core Offer’ aims to make sure all children have experienced a list of core trips during their time at the school

Year 1 – Buckingham Palace (Royal Mews)

Year 2 – Farm

Year 3 – Theatre

Year 4 – Concert

Year 5 – Swimming

Year 6 – Adventurous activities

In addition, each year group should

  • Visit at least one museum (yr2 upwards)
  • Go on at least one local trip
  • Visit one religious building (see list)

Visits to Religious Buildings

Year 1 – Christian church

Year 2 – Sikh Gurdwara

Year 3 – Buddhist temple / centre

Year 4 – Jewish synagogue

Year 5 – Hindu temple

Year 6 – Muslim mosque


  • We will try to make most trips free or to keep the cost as low as possible.
  • Parents will be informed by letter about the cost of each trip / event.
  • If a trip does have a cost, we will give families several weeks to pay and offer pay in instalments options.

Parent/carer helpers on trips

  • We appreciate parental help on many of our trips as this helps the children to be safe and well-supervised
  • From this year, it is our requirement that parent volunteers on trips receive some training and guidance about how to support their child, the class and the school staff during a trip.
  • The school policy will be that parents cannot help on trips unless they have attended a training meeting.
  • If you wish to receive this training leave your details with the teachers at the end of this meeting or contact the school office and Mr Newson will get in touch to arrange a time.

Planned Trips for 2022/2023


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