Vision and Values

Vision and Values

At Garfield, we believe that it is essential that all of our children, parents, staff and governors play a part in writing our vision statement. It is also important to us that all our school community fully understand our vision for Garfield and know how we each play a vital role in translating the vision into an everyday reality. We recognised as a school that our current vision statement needed to be revaluated with this goal in mind.

A few years ago we produced a new vision statement for Garfield; one that captures all we stand for and aspire to be. Our staff, parents, pupils and governors all played a part in shaping our new vision and values statement.

We decided that our vision statement should be presented in the form of an acrostic poem using the letters of “G A R F I E L D”. We then spent time having many lively discussions in order to choose the right words and then the statements to explain our vision and values.

We have brought our vision and values alive through our wall installations and the value postcards you see in every classroom.

Our pupils are awarded one of the 8 postcards when we see that they have demonstrated the relevant skills and behavior.

If you visit us at Garfield you will see us living by those values every day.



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