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What is helping Hands?

Helping Hands is the social and fundraising arm of the school. Their main function is to bring parents, families, friends, staff and the local community together socially and in support of the school. Helping Hands organise and host a variety of events to build community and raise funds. These include large events such as the summer and Xmas Fairs, and smaller events such as after-school food stalls. Helping Hands also run second-hand uniform and refreshment sales throughout the year.

What events do Helping Hands organise?

In recent terms, Helping Hands has organised a very successful and well attended Xmas Fair which raised a considerable amount of money for the school (over £1500). At this event, a number of different activities allowed parents and children to purchase delicious food and refreshments from around the world, visit Santa in his Grotto, be photographed in a ‘Winter Wonderland’, play some exciting games and buy a variety of second-hand toys and clothes. The afternoon was a great success and many parents and staff commented on the excellent community atmosphere.

In addition, over the last two terms, Helping Hands has sold second-hand school uniform, ice creams and refreshments at various school events, including at parents’ evenings and the year six show. As a new initiative, Helping Hands will now be organising after school food stalls themed according to important days in the school year such as Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, World Book Day, Easter and Eid al-Fitr. These will provide a regular source of income and allow an exciting community events at home time throughout the year. In April, they will also organise our first Garfield ‘Movie Night’, with children able to purchase a ticket to watch a movie in the school hall, with refreshments and popcorn provided! A full list of Helping Hands events is given below.

How do Helping Hands use the money raised to support the school?

Around £5000 of the funds Helping Hands raised were spent during the first few months of 2019. The money funded a range of equipment, materials and events. These included:

  • £750 for science equipment
  • £750 for new musical instruments
  • £400 for new atlases
  • £300 for a hula-hoop workshop to teach the children this entertaining skill
  • Up to £1200 for new playground equipment including new balls, bats, skipping ropes and hoops, new games for the quiet area and new bikes for reception
  • £800 for new books and resources for our school library
  • £200 for new reception big books
  • £750 for resources for our nurture room and mindfulness lessons
  • £200 for Makaton resources – a sign language used in early years and for SEND children

In January 2020, Helping Hands authorised the spending of £5000 of funds to further support different projects and resources within the school. All staff were invited to submit bids for up to £700 showing how this money could be spent. During March, the school in liaison with Helping Hands, will choose those bids which are successful and the money will be spent from April onwards.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways, large and small, to get involved with Helping Hands including:

  • manning a regular after school uniform, drinks or ice cream stall for half an hour 
  • helping to plan a fair or an individual stall at a fair
  • making things to sell at a fair
  • organising year group socials events for the classes your children are in

Everyone involved in Helping Hands is a volunteer and at recent events we have had as many as 30 or 40 parents coming to help. The volunteer parents come from a wide range of backgrounds and speak many different languages, so don’t be put off if English is not your strong point! Our meetings are advertised by texts from the school and in the Friday Flyer and are open to all parents and carers, so just turn up if you want to get involved. Small children and babies are welcome too.

The school would like to express their thanks for the tremendous support that Helping Hands gives us. Its contribution to the school, both in terms of exciting events such as the Xmas and Summer Fairs and International Evening, and in terms of fund-raising, is really appreciated.

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