Welcome to the Garfield Community Association (GCA)

In May 2022, the parents’ association committee changed their name from Helping Hands to the Garfield Community Association (GCA), aiming to promote and encourage community events involving everyone at Garfield and to raise much needed funds for the school. 

The committee aims to engage more parents / carers through enhanced use of social media and they have set up GCA groups on Facebook and Instagram.

Over the summer and autumn terms, the GCA held a series of successful events including:

  • Weekly Friday sales of ice creams and cakes
  • A bake sale in Reception in June
  • Our first Garfield School discos to be held in June and November
  • Our first Summer Fair since 2019 held in July

The Summer Fair in particular was enjoyed by all who attended, with a great range of stalls, delicious food from a local social enterprise restaurant , Allotmentz, and exciting activities such as an energetic zumba session. There was also around 20/30 parent / carer volunteers involved which is considerably more that we have had previously.

Around £4000 of the funds raised are being spent in the school over the next few months, funding a range of equipment, materials and events including: 

  • £500 for playground equipment
  • £500 for English resources including class reading books
  • £500 for curriculum resources for our new geography and history topics
  • £500 for new dictionaries and thesaurus across the school
  • £500 for art resources including paints, pastels, charcoal and drawing pencils
  • £670 for new steel pans for the music room
  • £610 for out annual whole school New Year Panto, ‘Aladdin’ for January 2023
  • £250 for new computer software to help staff produce high quality visual resources

These areas were prioritised for spending following consultation with pupils, parents / carers and staff.

The school would like to express their thanks for the tremendous support that GCA gives us.

Your contribution to the school, both in terms of exciting events such as school discos, movie nights and the summer fairs and in terms of fund-raising, is really appreciated.




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