When applying for a Nursery or Reception place it is necessary to complete an application form, which must be returned to school or your local authority by January 15th for admission in the Autumn Term. Please note: there is no automatic transfer from Nursery to Reception, even if your child attends our Nursery, you must apply for a Reception place. If you are applying for a place in any other year groups and/or for a place during the school year, application forms should be returned to school as soon as possible. Please ensure that you apply through your home borough.

Places are allocated according to the Borough’s admission criteria, which are as follows:

  1. Children who have Special Needs
  2. Children who have a medical condition or a social need. (Such applications must be supported by a Doctor’s or a Social Worker’s report)
  3. Children who already have a brother or sister at the school.
  4. Other children, according to the distance they live from the school (measured in a straight line).

We take up to 30 children in each class.

Over subscription

If classes are full, parents can appeal for their child to be admitted. (This does not apply to Nursery places; Nursery provision is non-statutory). Appeals are heard by an independent panel and their decision is binding. Further details of the appeals procedure can be obtained from the school or from the Admissions Department at the Civic Centre, should the need arise.

Admission Procedure

Up to 30 children can be admitted to the Nursery. Nursery children are admitted in the September following their third birthday. Our school offers morning sessions only – 3 hours a day. We also run an After School club for children from Reception to Year 6.

The Nursery does not open for the first three weeks of term. The Nursery staff make home visits for the new Nursery intake during this period. In the third week of term the Nursery opens. Children are admitted in groups and admissions are complete by the beginning of October.

Having spent a year in the Nursery, you need to then re-apply for a reception place. On the first day of term half the Reception children are admitted; the remaining children are admitted at the beginning of the second week (and so have a few extra days holiday!). For approximately the first four weeks children attend school for mornings only and do not stay to lunch. In the afternoons, Reception staff make home visits.

In the fifth week Reception children stay to lunch, then go home for the afternoon. The next week (the sixth week of term) children stay for a full day (and have lunch) unless parents and the school agree that part-time attendance would be best for the child.

Secondary Transfer

During the first term of a child’s final year at Primary School (Year 6), their parents/carers are asked to state preferences for the Secondary School(s) they would like their child to attend through their home borough. The borough issues a booklet to give parents information and all secondary schools hold Open Evenings so that interested parents can visit before making their decisions. Neighbouring boroughs provide a similar service. Parents are not restricted to applying only to schools in Enfield and should visit all schools which they consider appropriate for their son/daughter (but please take careful note of admission criteria before applying). We also hold a meeting about secondary transfer at Garfield and staff will offer any assistance they can to support parents/carers.

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