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Garfield School Council
At Garfield we are proud to have a School Council which consist of pupil representatives. The School Council aims to give pupils a voice and ensure that they are involved in decisions about the school. School Council members are nominated and voted in by their peers, elections are held annually so each school year begins with fresh faces and ideas allowing a range of pupils the opportunity to be part of the School Council. School Council members attend regular meetings where they discuss ideas that can help improve the school.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • ‚ÄčTo be excellent role models for their peers.
  • To represent the views of their peers.
  • To contribute and share ideas at meetings.
  • To develop many key skills such as respectfulness, motivation, creativity, empathy and enthusiasm.
Garfield School Council 2017 – 2018
These are our school councillors for this year. Please ask them questions and let them know how we can improve our school. They will always listen and report back in our monthly meetings.
You can spot our school councillors around school due to their wonderful blue badges! Remember to look for them in the playground and give them your fantastic ideas.
Class School Council Member
Ruby (Y1) Patrick
Robin (Y1) Ellie
Bluebell (Y2) Andrea
Carnelian (Y3) Maram
Marigold (Y3) Meshach
Flamingo (Y4) Success
Fuchsia (Y4) Noblesse
Hummingbird (Y5) Aoibhe
Lavender (Y5) Roxy
Hellebore (Y6) Tala
Grasshopper (Y6) Zailia
Emerald (Y6) Elenora
We have expanded our school council this January with more members from our year 2 classes. We have also welcomed Sienna from Fuchsia class who has replaced Ameerah, our councillor who sadly left in January.
Meeting Notes 2017-2018
Garfield School Council 2016-2017
Year One –
Year Two – Karin and Aysegul
Year Three – Plamena, Nuh and Sumaya
Year Four – Noor, Mustafa, Gabriel, Elpida, Taysha and Alex
Year Five – Darina and Elena
Year Six – Hassieh and Joshua
Meeting Notes 2016-2017
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