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Monday 1st June 2020

Hello Ruby Class,

I hope you all had a good half term doing exciting things.  I have been keeping well and really enjoying the lovely warm weather.  I have planted some herbs on my window sill and sat in the garden with my family.  My family and I have also tried baking brownies and lemon drizzle cake.  They were very good.   I have been on lots of long walks around my local area.  I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather.  Take care and hope to see you all soon.

From Mrs. Shrestha


Maths Tasks        Week beginning      1.6.20

This week we will be focusing on fractions and money.

  1. Find half of all numbers to 10 and then to 20

What is half of 2?  What is half of 4?  Etc…

  1. Recognise halves and quarters of shapes and begin to know 2/2 = 1, 4/4 = 1 and 2/4 = ½

Look at different 2D shapes -squares, rectangles, circles and colour in halves and quarters

  1. Recognise, name and know value of coins 1p–£2 and £5 and £10 note
  2. Begin to solve repeated addition problems using coins- 5p, 2p, 10p

Collect different amounts of 5p coins and add them together. 4 lots of 5p coins makes 20

Do addition sums for different amounts of coins


  1. Practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s using coins.


English Tasks

This week, we will be focusing on poetry. Please answer any questions and complete following tasks.
1) What is a poem?
2) Visit Bug Club and find and read the poetry book ‘Wizards, Spiders and Castles’. What is your favourite poem and why?
3) This half term, we will be using the story ‘The Flower’ By John Light to inform our writing. Here is a link to the online version: We will be reading a few pages each time, so try not to read the whole book at once.
4) Look at the page where Brigg is walking through the city. What can you see? Hear? Smell? Gather some vocabulary linked to the senses.
5) Next, look at the weather in the city picture. Listen to sounds of the rain/thunder and watch videos of rain pouring down. You might find some great videos on YouTube. What does the rain sound like? Feel like? What does the thunder sound like? Look like? Gather some vocabulary.
6) Lastly, we would like you to write a short descriptive poem based on the rain/thunder weather. You could even write in rain droplets and create a shape poem. Remember to use all your interesting vocabulary and your poem doesn’t have to rhyme. 


Topic Work-    Ecology

Can you answer this question ‘How will plants around our school help the environment?

What plants /flowers will attract bees and other insects?

This video will help answer the questions.


KS 1 Music activities W/C    1/06/20

Song of the week: Wake Up!


Year 1

Learn the song Down At the Station

The lyrics are on the screen

Children can make up their own actions.



Monday 18th May 2020

Hello Ruby Class,

Hope you and your families are keeping well. Things have changed a little now and we are allowed to go out for as long as we like but still social distancing. So, it will be good to walk in the park taking our time to look around at the flowers and plants around us. I hope you are all still reading every day and keeping active when you can.

From Mrs. Shrestha

18th May
This week, we would like you to complete a grammar lesson and use the prefix un-.
A prefix is a small group or string of letters that can be attached to the start of a root word. When a prefix is added to a root word, the new word will mean ‘prefix meaning + root word’. For example, when the prefix ‘un-‘, meaning ‘not’, is attached to the root word ‘fair’, the new word becomes, ‘unfair’, meaning ‘not fair’.
For this task, we would like you to write sentences using un- words. Here are some un- words which you may want to use:
1) undone
2) unhappy
3) unhelpful
4) unkind
5) unlock
For example, The princess was very unhappy because the horrible dragon burnt all of her beautiful clothes.
Please remember capital letters, phonics, finger spaces and full stops. It would also be great if you could use adjectives and connectives in your sentences.

Maths Tasks 18th May 2020

This week we would like to focus on comparing weights using direct comparison

Get a bag of sugar and a bag of cotton wool. Using your arms as a balance move your arms according to which arm would move down because it was heavier and which arm would be up to show it was lighter.

Find objects heavier and lighter than a bag of sugar.

Find objects heavier and lighter than a bag of cotton wool.

Get an apple, a banana and an orange. Try to think which fruit is the heaviest and lightest.

Compare different 3 objects each time and find heaviest and lightest.

Collect a jug and a plastic bottle and fill them with water. Then use different sized containers e.g yoghurt pots, saucepans and investigate how many jugs of water or plastic bottles it might need to fill.

Revise vocabulary associated with capacity.

Full, half full, nearly full, nearly empty, nearly full.

Topic Work

Your topic work is to find out:

What is the queen’s job?

What does she do?

Then look at this website and find out who will succeed the queen.

Look at the Royal Family Tree

KS 1 Home learning W/C 18/05/20

KS 1 Song of the week: Digging the Garden

Year 1

Learn the song ‘When it’s a sunny day’

Talk about all the different types of weather and see how many positive things you can find to say about each one. For example, a windy day might give you the chance to wear your favourite jumper knitted by your granny, or a rainy day means there are lots of puddles to splash in.

Twinkl Home Learning

Here is another website that you may all find useful.



Monday 11th May 2020

Hello Ruby Class,  

I hope you are all well and enjoying being active and being with your family.  I have been busy doing work on the computer and spending time with my daughter.  I have been going for walks every day and reading when I can.  I am really looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

From Mrs. Shrestha

English Tasks

11th May
This week, we would like you to focus on using clues from pictures to answer questions. First, you will need to have a look at the story ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ which can be found on or the_paper_bag_princess1.pdf.  Next, find and have at the picture of the princess with the paper bag on. You may want to talk about what has happened with someone you live with. We would then like you to answer the following questions in full sentences. Please remember your capital letters, phonics and full stops. Remember you will need to explain your reasons by using ‘because’.
1) How is the princess feeling? How do you know?
2) How does she know where to find Ronald?
3) Why is she wearing a paper bag?
4) Why does she look scruffy?

Maths Tasks    11th May 2020

We would like to focus on revision of number facts and using these to solve additions and subtractions involving 1- and 2-digit numbers.

  •  Adding 3, 1 -digit numbers by spotting number facts and any doubles.

           E.g   7+1+3        8+3 +2         6+ 2+6

  1. Missing number calculations

E.g   7+__ =10          8+___=16

  1. Practise using number facts – they can be done any order

    7+8+4 =         We could do 7+7=14 +1 =15 +4= 19

  1.         What is 10 more than 25?   What digit stays the same?

              What is 10 more than 38?  What digit stays the same?

  1.           What is 10 less than 34? What digit stays the same?

               What is 10 less than 52?  What digit stays the same?

Topic  Task  

Children to watch the Queen’s coronation at Westminister Abbey 1953


Look at both the pictures.  Write down things that you see that are different.  What has changed?


Music Home Learning KS 1 W/C 11/05

KS 1 Song of the week ‘One finger, one thumb’

Year 1

Learn the song ‘Down at the station’

Can you make up actions to accompany the song?

Talk about train a train journey that you can remember, what did you see out of the window?

Where would you like to travel to next?



Join us online at 10:30am every day and get ready to make some noise!

Enfield Music Service has teamed up with Beat Goes On to provide exclusive daily body percussion sessions for Enfield pupils!


Monday 11th

Tuesday 12th Ghg7jwJ Ss

Wednesday 13th

Thursday 14th

Friday 15th



Monday 4th May 2020

Year 1 Summer 1 Curriculum newsletter What have the royals done for us

Year 1 Summer 1 Knowledge organiser What have the royals done for us

Hello Ruby Class,

I do hope you are all keeping well and still enjoying doing wonderful activities with your family. This week I have been doing lots of cleaning, reading and doing lots of work on the computer. I have also started jogging around my local area it certainly was very tiring. I hope the weather improves for all of us this week. I hope you all keep active and busy. Missing you all very much. Hope to see you all soon.

From Mrs.Shrestha

English Tasks

4th May
This week we would like you to describe a character. Please spend some time re-capping the story ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ which can be found on or the_paper_bag_princess1.pdf.
Read up to the part where the dragon burns the princess’s clothes and takes Prince Ronald. Your task is to draw and colour in pictures of the dragon and then describe the dragon by writing noun phrases. For example, gigantic body, pointy teeth.

We would also like you to think about and answer these questions.
What normally happens in fairy tales? Who normally saves who? How is this story different to other fairy tales about princes and princesses?

Maths Tasks 4th May 2020

This week we will use number facts to add and subtract 1-digit numbers to/from 2-digit numbers

Revise all number facts up to 10

Practise subtraction facts to 10

E.g 7-3=4 7-4=3

3. Knowing number pairs to 10 then counting on

E.g 9+1 =10 9+2 = 11 9+4 =13 9+ 5= 15

4. Practise learning all doubles to 10

2+2 3+3 4+4 5+5 6+6 7+7 8+8 9+9 10+10

5. Adding 3, 1-digit numbers and trying to use number facts learned during the week E.g 4+6+2= 7+3+1 = 5+5+4

Maths Poster Competition

This week is the launch of a maths poster competition! This poster should consist of how maths impacts your daily lives and different examples of how you use your maths skills at home! This could include using measuring equipment to weigh ingredients to bake a cake, using written addition and subtraction when creating a shopping list with a budget or

counting how many different coloured cars pass your window!

What other examples can you think of? How do you use your maths skills at home? Do members of your family use different maths skills at home or have different ways in which they use maths in their daily lives?

This competition begins on Monday 4th May and closes on Friday 15th May and is open for pupils of all ages, from Nursery up to Year 6. You could design your poster on the computer or hand draw it on a piece of paper. Please attach your entries to an email (a word document or a photograph of a hand drawn entry) and email them to A winner will be selected from each year group and these will be announced on the Garfield website on Monday 18th May, along with the winning entries!

You can draw, paint or take photographs for your poster and/or write examples/descriptions of your examples! Be as imaginative and creative as possible and you could even ask your family members to get involved too! There are some examples of posters below to give you some ideas and inspiration.

Good luck!

Miss Green – Maths Leader

Home learning – Music KS 1 W/C 04/05/20

KS 1 Song of the week ‘Baby one, two, three.’

VE day singalong link:

Year 1

Learn the’ Tadpole song’

Go to week 6 – This is the fourth song on the list.

Talk about the lyrics to this song. What is happening to the tadpole?

Add actions to the song.

Make up an action for ‘Say “Hello!”’ that is repeated in each verse.

Then, can you be a scared jelly blob in verse 1?

Wriggle and nod in verse 2? Be a proud swimmer in verse 3?

Be a happy, hoppy frog in the final verse?

Sing the song of the week – you know this one very well!

Let’s celebrate V.E.75 Day together!

Next Friday 8th May 2020I is a special day to remember. Why? Britain will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day when the guns fell silent at the end of WW2 in Europe. This is a chance to remember and say

“For those who gave so much, we thank you.”

Our veterans and soldiers are now helping us and supporting the NHS in the battle against the coronavirus virus. They are still risking their lives or providing amazing inspiration as the hero Captain Tom has done through fundraising.

So what can we do to show our support and thanks next Friday? We’d like you to make bunting or a poster to display to celebrate V.E.75 Day.

Please take pictures and send them to our school. There is an excellent website to give you lots of ideas and information at

Thank you,

Mrs Walton


The Mayor has launched London Learning at Home to bring together the city’s free learning and cultural resources that children can access from home.

Topic Task

Children to watch the Queen’s coronation at Westminister Abbey 1953


Look at both the pictures. Write down things that you see that are different. What has changed?



How to access your 2do’s on purplemash

How to open and submit or save your 2do


Hello Ruby class,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather. I am missing you all and think of all during the day. I have been trying to keep busy at home. I still try to go for my walks every day, luckily there is a little park in my area so I do enjoy the fresh air. I do hope you are all having fun at home and doing some school work when you can. Take care.

From Mrs.Shrestha

English Tasks

27th April
This half term, we will be using the story ‘The Paper Bag Princess’ By Robert Munsch to inform our writing. This week, we would like you to familiarise yourself with the story. Here are two links to the online version of the story: or the_paper_bag_princess1.pdf.
Please read/listen to the story and discuss it with someone. Can you answer the following questions? Please write your answers in full sentences.
1) Who is Elizabeth and where does she live?
2) What happened to Prince Ronald?
3) What did Princess Elizabeth decide to do?
4) How did Princess Elizabeth trick the dragon?
5) Why didn’t they get married in the end?

Phonics Task There is a video on YouTube by the department of education to support the teaching of phonics. It is available at 10. 00 am till 11am every day for reception and Y1 children. It is called ‘Join in daily letters and sounds. Phonics lessons on YouTube’

Maths Tasks 27th April 2020

This week we would like you to focus on consolidating understanding of 2-digit numbers, representing these in different ways, and partitioning into 10s and 1s.

Find 1 more, 1 less than any 2- digit number

e.g 1more than 18 1 less than 23

Find 10 more and 10 less than any 2-digit number

E,g 10 more than 20 10 less than 25

Using 100 square children find patterns by going down the number line and going diagonally.

Colour the 2’s column what pattern do you see?

Colour the 5’s column what pattern do you see?

Colour the 10’s what pattern do you see?

Understand that 2-digit numbers are some 10s and some 1s

The number 14 is made up of 1 lot of 10 and 4 ones

The number 26 is made up of 2 lots of 10 and 6ones. Do the same for other 2-digit numbers.

Make 2- digit numbers using 10p and 1p coins.

Topic– Look at the knowledge organiser and curriculum letter and discuss that Britain has had a king and queen for many years.


Year 1

Log on to and join in with the lesson on BBC bitesize

A song about a tiny caterpillar and join in with the actions



Hello Ruby class

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather. I am missing you all and think of all during the day. I have been busy trying to read during the day and cook different dishes in the evening. I hope you are all keeping healthy doing exercises and eating healthy. I am also spending my time watching films and going for walks around my local area. I do hope you are all having fun learning and playing at home. Take care.

From Mrs.Shrestha


Make a list of things you may find in different parts of your house.
In the living room, in the cupboards, in your bedroom, in the kitchen, in the fridge and bathroom.


Practise your number pairs to 10 and 20.

Explore all the different ways to make 10 and 20 using addition and subtraction. 

7+3= 10 10-3=7

Our topic would have been ‘What have the Royals done for us?

Find out facts about the Royals.

What is the Queen’s name?

Where does the Queen live?

What are the names of her children?

Learn the song ‘Clap hands stamp feet’

Talk about what sorts of things make you feel all of the emotions at the end of the verses: happy; grumpy; sleepy; ugly; scared?



31st March 2020

Dear parents/carers if you have any problems or queries regarding home learning sent, we have now set up an email that is directed to your class teacher or if you want to send in pictures of work that you have been doing please email:


30th March 2020

Letter to the class 

Hello Ruby Class,

I do hope you are all well and enjoying having time with your family. Things have changed and we are not able to be together but please try to keep busy doing fun things in the house and get enough exercise when you can. I am also keeping busy in the house and going for a short walk around my local area every day.

From Mrs. Shrestha

List of Tasks


1.Complete a book review about ‘Beegu’

Who are the characters in the story?

Write about what happened in the story?

Draw a picture and write about your favourite part.

2. Try this phonics website. It is all free to use at the moment.



Name and draw all the 2 D shapes. List some things that are 2D shapes in your house and outside.


Draw and describe your favourite part of your local area.

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