Garfield Achievement Headlines & Summary Sheet 2019-20 (Completed July 2020)

The data in this document is estimated based on teacher assessment in March 2020 before the school closure.

The school recognises that attainment in autumn term 2020 may be different due to the effects of the changes in learning at the end of 2019-20.

Attainment / Progress in Early Years

  • Attainment in reception is below national averages (2019) in reading, writing, maths and prime.

Reception Results 

AreaSchool (last year in brackets)National (2019)
Good Score (Prime Areas plus Literacy & Maths) 53% (66%)72%
Reading70% (76%)76%
Writing60% (71%)74%
Maths 67.5% (83%)80%

KS1 attainment-Y1 Phonics test

  • 66% were predicted to pass the test. This is below the national figure of 82% for 2019.
  • Children at Garfield from the start of reception achieve higher attainment with 71% predicted to pass.
  • 67% of year 2 children (4 of 6) were predicted to pass the phonics test, including year 2 retakes. This below the national average from 2018 of 92%.

Phonics Results (Year 1)

 AllPupils who are with us from beginning of ReceptionNational
2019-20 (predicted March2020)66%71%n/a

End of KS1 attainment (Year 2)

Figures are just below or in-line with national averages for 2019 in reading, writing and maths.

High pupil mobility impacted on attainment. Analysis of non-transient pupil attainment (children present at GPS throughout years 1 and 2) shows higher attainment for this group and figures closer to national averages for 2019.

End of KS2 attainment (Year 6)

Predicted attainment in 2020 is below national figures (2019) in all subjects and combined, particularly in writing (-10%) and SPAG (-10%).

The Garfield percentages below are calculated without six children who have been disapplied as they began school in the UK during the last 2 years of primary school, having previously been educated in a non-English speaking country.

Impact of new arrivals is significant and high pupil mobility impacted on attainment – analysis of non-transient pupil attainment (children present at GPS from the beginning of reception to year 6) shows higher attainment for this group in most areas and figures are broadly in-line or above national averages for AE+ and for GD in some subjects.

David Newson – Assistant Head (Assessment)

July 2020


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