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Learning mentor newsletter 6/7/2020









Its ok to worry


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus is Kindness.  Click on the link below to find out more.




14th May 2020

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4th May 2020




30th April  2020


April 2020

Hope you all have had a restful two weeks over the Easter holidays. There are some new activities for you to have a go with on the other page.

1st April 2020

To all our wonderful Garfield pupils,

We hope that you are well, enjoying the extra time with your families and adjusting to your new routines at home. 

Don’t forget to keep up with your mindfulness activities as mindfulness is a wonderful way to keep your mind healthy.  We have included some. techniques on here but there are plenty of great apps available such as HeadspaceStop, Breath & ThinkSmiling Mind and Calm are just a few that we use.  Please make sure that you get your parents approval first before downloading anything.  

Other ways that will keep you healthy are exercising daily, getting some fresh air, keeping up with your schoolwork and having lots of fun.

Why not use this time to try some new things.  You could teach yourself to knit, read more books, learn a new language, draw, colour, learn to cook some new dishes. The list is endless.

Please remember that even though we are not at school at the moment we are still thinking of you all.

Stay safe and take care.

As it is the 1st of April we wanted to give you a fun calendar with lots of well-being ideas on it!!

Click on the calendar to make it bigger and you can also print it off too!

April 2020




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