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English as an Additional Language (EAL) Definitions


A pupil’s first language is defined as any language other than English that a child was exposed to during early development and continues to be exposed to in the home or community. (The Department of Education)


English as an additional language (EAL) refers to learners whose first language is not English. (Ofsted)


EAL Pupils in Garfield School

62% of our children were classified as EAL in the 2018 census. The census also showed 44 different languages are spoken by our pupils. The five key first languages which are spoken in our school are: English, Albanian, Turkish, Romanian and Bulgarian.


High expectations for all EAL pupils

Our pupils at Garfield School come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and we all work hard to ensure that EVERYONE is included, challenged and supported on their individual journey to success. The majority of EAL pupils at Garfield School make good or better progress in all areas of the curriculum due to quality first teaching, differentiation and tailored interventions.




EAL pupils who are identified as needing additional support in acquiring or improving their English language are supported by our EMA team. The EMA team run two key interventions called ‘The Early English Learning Project’ and ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’. ‘The Early English Project’ is aimed at EAL pupils who have not acquired English yet. The intervention teaches pupils beginners English, basic vocabulary and initial sounds. Whereas, ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’ is an intervention to support EAL pupils who have acquired English but need additional support in speaking, writing and grammar.


Young Interpreters



Young Interpreters are selected by their peers and teacher to support EAL pupils when they first join our school. Our Young interpreters are chosen because they are excellent role models, compassionate and caring pupils. They are then trained by our EMA teaching assistant so that they are able to support EAL pupils effectively. Once they are trained they are then able to welcome new pupils to our school, give them a guided tour and support them so that they settle in to our school happily.


Language of the Month

At Garfield School we are proud of our diverse community and all the different languages that are spoken in our school. To celebrate our diverse community we have a ‘Language of the Month’ display. The pupils enjoy learning words and phrases in the chosen language and learning about the country.


International Evening

We have an annual International Evening at Garfield School normally in the Autumn term to celebrate our diverse community. The evening is always an enjoyable event with cultural performances from our pupils, songs from other languages sung by our choir and musical performances. We then have a buffet with food from around the word which is prepared by our generous parents, carers and a local restaurants for everyone to enjoy.

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