Religious Education


At Garfield we celebrate the multi- cultural, multi- faith identity of our staff and pupils. Our R.E. studies place value on each child’s faith, cultural background and experiences. We can learn from each other, making connections between faiths, to encourage a feeling of unity and empathy in our learning.

Celebrating together is a cherished tradition at Garfield that teaches tolerance, respect, knowledge and understanding. This is achieved through a study of the six major faiths, following the guidelines of the Enfield agreed syllabus. Learning is enriched and enhanced in the celebrations of the important festivals of the different faiths through fantastic whole school assemblies and visits to places of worship by each year group. Additional assemblies such as World Religion Day and Carols and Christingles are also celebrated.

Here is the content of our RE curriculum:

Autumn 1: Judaism

Autumn 2: Hinduism

Spring 1: Buddhism

Spring 2: Christianity

Summer 1: Sikhism

Summer 2: Islam


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