At Garfield, our aim is for all pupils to be able to communicate clearly, listen with understanding, develop a love for reading and work with confidence.

Work is organised into units with a focus on fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Rapid achievements in reading and writing are assessed and monitored closely throughout the year.

Pupils are also taught to improve their spoken English, through units of work involving speaking, including debates and presentations.

In Literacy, pupils take part in a range of activities to develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.

All pupils are encouraged to achieve the highest possible standard of writing according to their stage to development and level of ability.


We believe it is possible for all pupils in our school to achieve the highest standards and we immerse our pupils in the English language as soon as they step through our doors. We encourage reading for pleasure.

The home school partnership is extremely important with regard to reading. All pupils have a book bag and a home/school reading diary. Pupils are required to take home their reading books every day and parent/carers are required to listen to their child read and sign their book. We encourage pupils to read many different types of books, newspapers and magazines. Our aim is to support pupils in becoming enthusiastic and independent readers.

At the end of every day, teachers read a story to the children. We feel that this is an important part of pupils’ learning and has a wide range of benefits for children.

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Writing makes a significant contribution to the development of pupils as thinkers and learners. At Garfield pupils are encouraged to achieve the highest possible standard of writing according to their stage of development and level of ability. All pupils have a writing target which they know and work hard to achieve. We plan units of work which involve writing for a purpose where possible.

Here are some examples of our children’s writing in years 1 – 6.

Year 1 Writing Sample

Year 2 Writing Sample

Year 3 Writing Sample

Year 4 Writing Sample

Year 5 Writing Sample

Year 6 Writing Sample


Practice your handwriting using Letter Join.


At Garfield, we teach grammar as part of our on going English study.  We feel that it is very important for our pupils to have a good understanding of grammar.  This knowledge helps with reading and also helps pupils to express themselves clearly through their spoken and written English.   Please find below the key grammar terminology for each year group and also some supporting documents with definitions of grammatical terms. 

Grammar Terminology

Grammar Terminology Year 1

Grammar Terminology Year 2

Grammar Terminology Year 3

Grammar Terminology Year 4

Grammar Terminology Year 5

Grammar Terminology Year 6

Grammar Guide 

Grammar Guide Y1 and 2

Grammar Guide Y3 and Y4

Grammar Guide Y5 and Y6


We have a number of literacy based initiatives which take place during our school year. We have competitions which reward children for reading at home frequently. We hold a ‘Spellathon’ competition, when we encourage children to learn to spell all the words in their year groups word list. We have a yearly ‘Book Week’, which celebrates reading and fosters a love of books. We also hold regular cut-price book fairs.


At Garfield, we teach phonics using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme.  We use RML cards as part of this process. If you would like to find out more, please click on the link below to open ‘Phonics Guidance for Parents’.  This document will tell you about how we teach phonics at Garfield, how the phonics screening check works and how to support your child at home with phonics. 

Phonics Guidance Parents Website

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