The strength of the teaching of humanities at Garfield is the creative, detailed planning which inspires learning and develops historical and geographical skills. The children’s learning is enriched through exciting half termly trips, theatre visits, themed days and class assemblies.

In the course of the academic year there is a focus term for history and geography. Each topic begins with a ‘hook’ and a key question to encourage interest and enthusiasm. The children create mind –maps with their own questions and ideas, which become part of our working walls. We aim to inspire a love of humanities, by following a cross curricular, skills based approach, ‘immersing’ the children in the subjects studied. Humanities is taught to a high standard, by our dedicated, talented teachers, and differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils.

The work is celebrated through informative, eye-catching displays as well as a BIG class book containing pictures from visits, assemblies and writing samples, providing a record of the brilliant humanities work achieved.

Their learning is enhanced through theatre visits, trips to museums and themed days. Learning is planned creatively around children’s questions and ideas and taught through curriculum links such as literacy, art and ICT.

Humanities is taught to a high standard and differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils. We hope to foster a lifelong interest in history and geography.

These are the topics we are studying this year.

In the summer term we have a special history week ending with an assembly where each class presents their work in the form of art, drama, film or narration.

The subjects covered this year will range from the Stone Age to The Tudors and include studies of historical figures like Florence Nightingale and Samuel Pepys.

The study of humanities at Garfield, begins in Reception, exploring and investigating their world and continues, building each year, through to year 6 where perceptive, enlightened historians and geographers are ready to take on challenges to come.



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