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Welcome to our EYFS page, Miss Pericleous is our Achievement Leader and also class teacher for Sunflower class, with additional support Ms Calloo.  Mr Joseph is the class teacher for Bumblebee class with additional support from Ms Carvey. Mrs Sesstein-Hogg is our Nursery teacher with additional support from Ms Celaj and Ms Pierce. 

Reception booklet 2018


Early Years Foundation Stage at Garfield Primary School




At Garfield we offer high quality early education from Nursery through to Reception. The children learn through play in enabling environments and receive teaching through interactions and adult guided learning experiences as well as targeted phonics and maths teaching. The children have a baseline assessment when they start in the Nursery or Reception (or if starting in middle of term, when they start). Our provision is developmentally appropriate and the children’s progress is carefully tracked ensuring excellent progress is made by each child. We have special weeks when we focus on 1 or 2 children, thus ensuring rapid progress and the chance to follow the child’s interests even further. We ensure that by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage children are ready to begin the national curriculum in Year 1.

Outdoor play and free flow

Characteristics of learning

Well-being and involvement


The 7 areas of learning PSED (Personal, social and emotional development)

Making relationships

Self-confidence and awareness


Managing feelings and behaviour

Communication and language

Listening and attention

Opportunities for social interactions and frequent short interactive carpet sessions allow children lots of chances to develop their listening skills.



Using rhymes to promote learning new vocabulary.

Alex is instructing the teacher and a friend to help him build, the interest he has in construction has helped his speech development.

Physical development

Moving and handling

Play dough and other experiences that promote fine and gross motor control are constantly available for children.




Understanding the world

Some children were interested in gardens so we used books and the internet to research the life cycle of a seed, then the children planted their own beanstalk and cress seeds. They made observations about the changes they noticed.

There is also a gardening area in the outdoors which the children help to plant and maintain. They can observe the growth and changes of the plants. They also help to harvest the vegetables and enjoy eating them.

A group of children investigate water travel. They use lots of language to describe what is happening “It is filling up” “It’s empty.”

We followed a child’s interest in volcanoes, we read non-fictions books, researched using the internet then conducted our own scientific experiment to watch our own volcano erupt.

The children are given an opportunity to meet the schools residential Guinea pigs.

Expressive Arts and Design


Children sing familiar rhymes with musical instruments then then begin to make up their own songs.

The Early Years Curriculum at Garfield

Child development and learning in Nursery

Nursery Booklet 2017


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