Here is a collection of art work from last academic year 20017-2018.


Year 6 have done close observational work on WW2 aeroplanes as part of their topic ‘Blitzed Brits’. The coloured pencils they used worked well to recreate the muted colours of the camouflage.

Year 5 created fearsome dragons as part of their ‘Smashing Saxons and Vicious Vikings’ topic using junk modelling resources and giving them a science twist with scary light-up eyes! Let’s hope they don’t escape….


Years 3 and 4 used artwork linked to their topic of ‘The Enchanted Forest’ to support their writing.


Years 3 and 4 went to Trent Park as part of their ‘Enchanted Forest’ topic and used found objects to create artworks in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. The autumnal colours work particularly well and what innovative use of our school bibs!

Carnelian class created the flags of all the different nationalities in their class as part of our Diversity week.


Years 1 and 2 are looking at some of the ‘Marvellous Mammals’ in the world. They used paper plates to create the heads of familiar farm animals and paint and paper for the more exotic species. The mammals found on the island where the Wild Things are were created on the computer using Paint software. Collage worked really well for the stripes of the zebras.

Reception have been exploring alternative ways to create artworks with a bit of science mixed in too!

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