Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging Policy for School Activities

Staff at Garfield have always organised class trips and other activities for the children. Following the Education Reform Act 1988 schools need to make clear their policy on charging for activities.

Activities which take place during the school day cannot be charged for, with the exception of individual music tuition and board and lodging on residential visits. Schools can charge for activities which take place in the lunchtime or after school. Schools may ask for voluntary contributions to support activities and it is hoped that parents will respond generously as they have always done. It must be made clear that without support from parents, some or all of the activities that staff organise for children will not take place.

The Governors’ charging policy is as follows:

Day Trips

It is the policy of the Governors of Garfield Primary School to continue to seek contributions from parents to cover the cost of the day trips for the children. If parents are in receipt of family credit or income support and have difficulty in meeting the cost of a trip for their child/ren the school may be able to assist them. If parental contributions do not cover the vast majority of the cost of a trip, it would have to be cancelled.

Residential Trips

Parents will be asked to pay for their child’s board and lodging, travelling costs, insurance costs and entrance fees to places visited and any necessary material and equipment. They will also be asked to contribute a sum towards the cost of any accompanying staff. Families in receipt of family credit or income support would have board and lodging fees remitted if the trip took place “during school hours” (as defined by the act).


If you require a paper copy of this policy please speak to a member of the office team.


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