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Meet your new teacher:



Not long until you see all about your new teacher…


Dear Sunflowers and Bumblebees,

We can hardly believe it has come to the end of the year already. Although this isn’t the goodbye we expected at the beginning of the year, we hope that your time with us has left you with many happy memories. We are so pleased that we got to teach you and be a big part of your learning journey. We have no doubt that you will all flourish and enjoy year 1. Well done for all your hard work in your home learning and working at school. We are so proud of what you all achieved.

We have created some lovely end of year certificates for you which we hope you receive. There is some pictures below if you wanted to copy or look at.

We have also put together a small PowerPoint which will reflect some of the happy times at Garfield! We hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful summer break and we hope to see you all back in September.

See you soon from the EYFS team🙂





As this is our last week of home learning and the next time we will see each other will be at school in a different year group, we have decided to dedicate our learning to Transitioning.

We know it may be initially difficult for some children to settle back into the school routine but these activities will hopefully help.

  1. All about me- use the worksheet provided and fill out the information about you.

Good morning Sunflower Class,

I hope you enjoyed the photo booth activity that looked like a lot of fun. I look really excited about seeing some of the pictures you have taken.

At school we have been doing a lot skipping, limbo and hula hooping in the playground and enjoying the weather.

Are either of you any good at limbo, hula hooping or skipping.Let us know, take some pictures and send them to me.



Good morning Bumblebee Class,

I hope you enjoyed the photo booth activity that looked like a lot of fun. I look really excited about seeing some of the pictures you have taken.

At school we have been doing a lot skipping, limbo and hula hooping in the playground and enjoying the weather.

Are either of you any good at limbo, hula hooping or skipping. Let us know, take some pictures and send them to me.



Dear Bumblebee Class,

Good Morning,

Firstly, thank you to all the parents who have emailed us for theclass reports and shared yourchildren’scommentsabout their time in receptionand thank you to the parents/carers who have been following our home learning program and emailing us. We really appreciate hearing from you!

This week the weather has been fantastic and we have been very lucky. The children who have been at school have enjoyed playing in the outdoor area. I hope those of you at home have been spending time outside too.

The weather has inspired Miss Pericleous to write a poem.

I wonder if you can think of more rhymingwords for the sound‘ay’.

I hope you continue to keep well and stay safe.

From Mr Joseph

(All areas of learning)

Photography challenge

Create your own DIY Photo booth

What you need:

Camera and lens

Flashgun or additional lighting for a more professional finish (e.g. torch on your smartphone)

A clear wall or a coloured/patterned sheet or card for a back-drop

Props – if making your own, you’ll need card or paper, colouring pens or paint, scissors, tape and some skewers or chopsticks (to use as handles). There are also lots of photo booth templates available online.

Fancy dress is optional!


Set up either in front of a clear wall or use the coloured/patterned sheet or card as the background.

Get your family members to grab some props and strike a pose.

Please email your pictures to our class emails:



We are really looking forward to seeing these!


Lego Patters

Prepare some cards with colourful blocks on them and let kids discover colour patterns and reproduce them with LEGO blocks. Consider leaving the colouring part to your little learners to include some EAD a in the mix too.

What you need:

Paper Cards

Coloured Pencils

LEGO Blocks

3. Finish the pattern


Type in to google ‘Top marks Patterns’ and complete the games:

Finish the patternandPattern blocks(where you can create your own)

4.Createown patterns:

What you will need:

Coloured card


2D Shapes

Coloured felt tips or pencils

Draw around some 2d shapes and colour them in using coloured pencils or felt tip pens.Make sure some of the shapes and colours are the same. Now use the different shapes to create your own systematic pattern.

5. Reading

Which soundsand wordscan you recall?

Read the soundsand wordsand ask a parent to tick the ones you know.

.Reading and comprehension

Read this short story to your families.

Questions: (write or say answer)

What did the kind do?

Why did the rat hide?

What did the frog do?

Why did the rat and frog run away?

6. Writing

Can you write three questions with the answer yes?

Can you write 3 questions with the answer no?

e.g. Can we run inside at school? No

Make sure you are forming your letters properly

7. Practise your letter formation

Fill a tray with salt or sugar and use a pencil to form letters (just like we do at school)trywriting some short words too!

Monday 22nd June

Dear Bumblebee and Sunflower Class,

It was amazing to see so many of you back last week.The children that came back did fantastically well following the all of the new rules. We had lots of fun together and you adapted very well to all of the changes in environment. We look forward to welcoming more of you this week and are hopeful that even more of you will return to school in the coming weeks.

We hope that everyone has been attempting the home learning activities that have been provided for you. Mr Joseph and Miss Pericleous spend a long time thinking up those ideas and trying them out to ensure that you enjoy them. It is very important that we continue to do our work when we are at home. If anybody is having any difficulty accessing the work please email your class teacher or contact the school office.

Next week the weather is supposed to be very warm, so make sure you get outside and enjoy it.

How did we get on with the scavenger hunt? Between Miss Pericleous, Alana, Adelina Miss Emily and Mr Joseph were able to complete it and we made up one of our own for inside the house.

Take care. Stay safe

From Mr.Joseph and Miss Pericleous

Home learning Activity:

Last week you were asked to collect some junk modelling materials (boxes/tubes/bottles/magazines/paper etc) for a junk modelling activity this week.

 We would like you to provide your child with the materials and something they can stick with tape or glue. It would be beneficial if you were to join in with their activity. You could have a look at the materials and think allowed. Then state/explain what you have decided to create.

(Parent) “Hmmm what should I make?”

(Parent) “I know what I’m going to make. I think I will make a rocket.”

You can decide to build together or build separate models. Although it would be beneficial, it is not compulsory for you to do the activity with your child. If your child is stuck for ideas you can look through and discuss some of the examples.

Areas of Learning -Physical development

Expressive arts and design, communication and language, maths, Personal social and emotional development, understanding of the world.


You may be interested in showing your child some high profile examples of adults artists recycling materials to create art and discuss the benefits of using recycled materials.



Home learning:

Important Notice

Please take photos of the activities you have done with your children and send it to the class teacher.



  • Practise counting 1-20
  • Create a number line point to numbers in no particular order and get children to identify the number you are pointing to.
  • Get children to find one more or one less than a given number.
  • Pick two numbers from 1-20 and get children to tell you which is bigger and which is smaller.


  • Collect around 15 items of roughly the same shape and size e.g. pasta shells, coins, counters, pebbles/pencils.
  • Count them out one by one in front of your child.
  • Put the items into a pile then place a random amount of items into a pile and then model estimating how many are in that pile. Then count and see if your estimation was close.
  • Give your child a turn.
  • Repeat several times.
  • Repeat with different items.


  • Practise spelling your phase 2 and phase 3 tricky words. Practise spelling 5 new words every week.


Look at the pictures below. Use your phonics to spell each word.

  • Write sentences using the sentence starters below:

When I go back to school I ……

I can’t wait to see……

Since I have been at home I have…..

I really miss….


  • Remember to watch a few episodes of alpha blocks
  • Read at least 10 minutes a day using Bugclub(If you do not have your login in details email your class teacher or contact the school office).



  • Practise writing your name

Expressive arts and design:

  • Go for a walk and collect some leaves, stones, seeds and sticks.
  • Create a piece of art using what you have collected.



Dear Sunflowerand BumblebeeClass,

This week we have been preparing our classrooms and school for re-opening. If you are coming back to school I am sure you know that things will bea littlebit different.

In early years we have removed a lot of equipment from the learning environment indoors and outdoors.We will be washing our hands and resources more regularly throughout the day and we will be socially distancing ourselves from each other. Each child will have their own packof pens, pencils, playdough, paint that no one else will touch. Each childwillalsohave their own chair and table that they keep all their things on.

If you are not coming back to school make sure you keep yourselves safe by following similar measures if you are not with people from your homes. Also keep working from home using our home learningsection!

We miss you all and are happy tobe welcomingsome of you back too!


From Ms Pericleous and Mr Joseph!

Home learning 15.06.20

This week we would like you tocelebrate the outdoors and use your senses to explore!(All areas of learning)

We would like you togo on a‘Nature Scavenger Hunt’which you can do duringa walk,in a garden or visiting anyoutdoor area.

The worksheet can be downloaded and printed here:

(Oryou can CTRL/ALT/PRTSC this page and copy into a word document)


‘I spysounds

Whilstwalking outside we would like you toplay ‘I spy with my little eye something starting with…. S, A, T, P, I, N, etc.

Treasure Hunt:

Hide some brightly coloured toys around the garden and ask your little oneto see if they can find them. Make sure you remember which toys you’ve hidden, and most importantly, where! Don’t make it too tricky or your finders will quickly lose interest.

After the activity the children can count how many items found and see if they can write a list of items.

Draw shapes in the dirt with sticks:

Use sticks to draw shapes in the dirtit isfun and a great way to encourage early writing skills.


Plantfruit, vegetables or a flower and watch them grow over time. Discuss what makes a healthy plant and what it needs to grow.

Retell a story using the outdoors:

You can find lots of books online which are set outdoors and children can learn the storyand use the language to retell.e.g. TheGruffalo, Were going on a bearhunt, Were going on a lion hunt, 3 little pigs, Little red hen.


Find leaves andplace them underneath paper– usepaint, pencils or crayons to rub on top of paper or paintthe leaf and print on paper.

8. Nature frames

Cut out different shapes from cardboard. Take them with you on your walks and find different natural background to place them on. Take pictures and enjoy the view!

Again please can you send us pictures of work you are completing using our class emails.

Enjoy the activities and theoutdoors!

8th June

Reception Summer 2


Your child’s teacher is in the process of writing their report and they require your support. Usually the teacher would sit down and talk to individual pupils and ask them about their highlights of being in Reception and add it to their class report. Unfortunately due to current circumstances they have not been able to do this.

Please can you ask your child what they have really enjoyed in Reception and something they feel they have improved on and guide them to use the sentences starters below:

In Reception, I really enjoyed ……….

This year, I have really improved……….

Please can you write down their answers answers and email them to your child’s class teacher on the class email address. This needs to be completed ASAP.Deadline of Monday 15th June 2020.

Sunflower: apericleous@garfield.enfield.ssch.uk

Bumblebee: pjoseph6.308@lgflmail.org


Dear Bumblebee Class, 


Good morning, I hope you have had a nice week. I am really excited about returning to school and seeing some of you again. Since we have been at home have had lots of fun cooking, painting, exercising, playing board games and lots of other things. However I have really missed being at school. 

 How did you get on with the activities you were given last week. I made an attempt at making a picture using dry pasta. Have a look: 


I also made some pasta jewellery. I made pasta chains and pasta bracelets. 

It is important that you do the work that we have set for you and if you have any difficulty accessing it then you must contact me by email or if you do not have the class email address then contact the school.

Home learning 


Cross curriculum activity:

Create a shop: (toy shop/food shop/stationery shop)


  • Provide a pile of 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins
  • Get children to look at them in detail and use word to describe the shape, size and colour
  • Get the children to feel them and describe their shape (round/straight sides
  • Put coins in an opaque bag/pillow case and get children to put their hands in without looking and feel the coin and try to guess which coin they are holding.
  • Get children to put the coins in order of size from smallest value to largest value and vice versa.
  • Spread coins out on the floor and call a name of a specific coin and see if your child can choose the correct coin.


  • Write shop sign 
  • Create labels for your stock and price tags
  • Create an advert to hire a member of staff. You can list the qualities they will need to be a good shop assistant.


Expressive arts and design:

  • Create posters and leaflets for the shop advertising what the shop sells, opening hours, help wanted, employee of the month, sales posters, open and closed signs.


  • Role play being a shopkeeper/customer/interview process


Communication and listening:

  • Discuss the different shops that you visit 
  • Discuss why you visit different shops for different things.
  • Discuss the different job roles there are in a shop/supermarket 

Understanding of the world and technology:

  • Discuss alternative ways of shopping e.g. online shopping



  • Turn taking with the different roles in the game e.g. shopkeeper/driver/delivery man.


Visit phonics play website: www.phonicsplay.co.uk

  • Practise reading phase 2 and phase 3 sounds
  • Practise reading phase 2 and phase 3 tricky words
  • Look at and discuss the pictures below
  • Parent to model creating a simple sentence. Then repeat the sentence and count how many words are in the sentence. Indicate each word with a finger. Adult to model writing their sentence whilst reciting it aloud using fingers to remember the sentence.
  • Remember to focus on starting sentences with capital letters. Use finger spaces between words and end your sentence with a full stop.

e.g. The family are having a picnic / the familee ar havin a picnik

Maths: www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money 

(See maths activity above from the shop activity) .

  • Create own money 


Halving: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p017kztf

  • Explain that you can half shapes as well as numbers.
  • Demonstrate halving a regular 2D shape e.g. circle or square
  • Let children practice
  • First discuss what even and odd numbers are
  • Create a number line and find odd and even numbers to 20
  • Explain you can only find half of even numbers 
  • Demonstrate finding half by sharing a given even quantity of objects into two equal piles.
  • Find half of quantities up to 20



1st June 2020

Dear Bumblebee Class,

 Good Morning,I hope you have had a lovely half term and enjoyed the warm weather with your loved ones, as I have. Last week I got to meet Mr. Mckenzie and his son to go for a walk in the woods. If you do not know who Mr. McKenzie then he is the P.E teacher at school and you will get to know him a little better when you join ‘Year One’. 

 What summer activities have you been doing at home with your loved ones? I have been gardening during the half term. watering my plants and digging up some unwanted plants with the help of my children and we also had a really exciting water fight. Please continue send pictures and emails about what you have been up to during your time at home 

I miss you all and I look forward to seeing you all again soon

I hope you continue to stay alert, safe and well.

Take care ​


Home learning 



Alpha blocks:

Watch episodes on you tube of alpha locks:


Bug Club:Remember to read at least 10 minutes a day with an adult and talk about the pictures and what you have read.


Phonics Play:

There are a number of games that children will be familiar with that they access in class during lessons and free-flow. The website has been changed slightly so you may need to help familiarize children with the website. https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/


  • Letter writing 

Write a letter or a postcard and send it to a friend or a family member. Maybe send it to someone you haven’t seen in a while or maybe you know someone who could do with a bit of cheering up and by receiving your letter it will make them happy. 

  1. Begin by writing your address at the top of your letter – an adult can help you with this. 
  2. Think about who you would like to send your letter or postcard to. 
  3. Tell them how you are, what you have been up to and how you spend your days. 
  4. You could also ask them a question. 
  5. Include a picture
  6. Put it inside and envelope and place a stamp on it.
  7. Write the address on the envelope


  • Number ordering 

Can you write numbers down 1-20 on a piece of paper and cut them up. Ask an adult to mix up the order and you try to put them in the correct order. 

  • Quantities

 Roll a dice or pick a number out of a hat and find the same amount of different items around your house. e.g. 3 hats. 3 books, 3 t shirts.

  • Fill in the missing numbers


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-KTHfrFit0Listen to this doubles song on you tubeDouble Number Zoo – Teach Addition of Double Numbers

Learn this rhyme:

Expressive Arts and Design, Personal Social Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy and Maths

Create a ‘Dried Pasta Picture’

Use different types of dried pasta to design and create a picture or a pattern. You can paint the pasta to add more colour. Use glue (PVA) to stick the pieces down and let them dry.

Take a look at some of the examples below:

Potion making:

Create a ‘potion’ by using an old bowl and spoon. The fun part is you can use as many ‘ingredients’ as you wish. You can add sticks, mud, leaves, grass, flowers, water and anything else you choose. Practise cutting the ingredients with scissors.

Make a list of what ingredients you chose using your phonics knowledge.

Adults encourage children to describe what they are they doing, why and how. Try to encourage them to use their imagination to explain what the potion can be used for.

Example below: (phonetically correct)











18th May 2020

Dear Bumblebee Class,

Good morning. So, what have you been up to? How did you get on with making the fruit kebabs last week? I have been busy writing stories and acting them out using toys. I’m very lucky because I have an audience to listen to my stories and watch the shows that I put on. They are very helpful because they give me feedback. They tell me what they like about they like about my stories and they give me suggestions about what I can do differently. If any of you have made any stories I would love to read them or better yet if you decide to act them out with your toys you could record it. If you would like to share them with me you can ask someone at home to email your story to me.

I hope you like the activities we have set you this week. There is a really interesting activity about shadows and you get to play some of our favourite learning games like buried treasure. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did at my house.


Watch an example: youtube.com/watch?v/=sCQsyG1qRDo

Have a lovely week

Take care

Mr. Joseph


Home Learning: 18.05.20


This week alongside creating your own stories and acting out (recording) them, we would like you to complete the following.


Communication and Language, Shape and Measure, Physical Development, Expressive Arts and Design:

Investigate shadows:

Tools: Torch/light source, different shaped objects, pen, pencil, paper.


Vocabulary: light, dark, shade, shape, in front, behind, big, small, tall, short, sun, wide, torch


  1. Go outdoors on a sunny day. Point out your shadow and encourage the children to look at yours and their shadows. 
  2. Ask them to find ways to make their shadows move or change by, for example, jumping up and down or running around.
  3. Discuss why there are shadows and how they are made. Investigate why shadows fall in particular directions. 
  4. Encourage the children to make their shadows move so that they can come to understand that the direction a shadow falls depends on the position of the light source. (Also use the opportunity to explain why looking directly at the sun will damage your eyes).
  5. Take photographs of children making interesting shadow shapes outdoors (and indoors if conditions are right). 
  6. Make shadow shapes, such as animals, on a wall using their hands. 
  7. 7. Explore ways of making shadows smaller or larger by moving the torch nearer to or further from the object reflected on the wall


Vocabulary: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, hexagon (2D)/ cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, sphere, cone, chart, tally, tally chart, record


  • Go on a shape hunt in your house
  • Go on a shape hunt outside of the house
  • Record numbers of shapes found in and around the house
  • Practise drawing the shapes
  • Make shape patterns
  • Create pictures using 2D shapes (regular)
  • Go on a number hunt outside for 10 minutes and record all the numbers you find.
  • Find the largest number
  • Find the smallest number



  1. Bug Club: Remember to read at least 10 minutes a day with an adult and talk about the pictures and what you have read.


  1. BBC: Try to listen to a bed time story every evening, they are shown at 6:50 every night and read by different celebrities.



  1. Phonics Play:

There are a number of games that children will be familiar with that they access in class during lessons and free-flow. The website has been changed slightly so you may need to help familiarize children with the website. https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/


  1. Can your child read these sentences aloud?



  1. Go for a 10 min walk and see how many different animals you can see. 
  2. Make a list of all the different animals/insects you see.

  1. Here are some pictures for you and your child to look at, Could you come up with a short sentence for each picture that your child has to write?


  • Try to help your children to use their phonics and spell words phonetically correct.
  • Use the sound mats sent home.
  • Remind them to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Modelling how to form letters correctly beforehand or during is also helpful.
  • Praise them for their efforts.



Watch an example: youtube.com/watch?v/=sCQsyG1qRDo

Have a lovely week

Take care

Mr. Joseph




Please share this with your children and discuss why people are wearing masks.

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 9.29.22 AM
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 9.29.32 AM
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 9.29.42 AM
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 9.30.01 AM
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 9.30.36 AM
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 9.30.50 AM



Dear Bumblebee Class,

Good Morning, it has been so long since we have seen and spoke to each other and things may have seemed very strange. I trust like my family and I, it took a while to get used to all of the changes but you have since established a routine at home. I hope that you have all been able to access the school website and been completing some of the home learning activities we have set. It is important that we continue to revisit our learning even though we are not in school. It has been fantastic to hear read and see how much some of you have been up to from the lovely emails your parents have been sending me to know all the hard work you have been up to at home. Keep at the good work Bumble class and remember to have fun and smile. I am very proud of you.

I have had a lot more free time at home in the past few weeks and I decided to read an old favourite of mine ‘Handas surprise’ to my children. After the story my daughter asked me what some of the fruit were as she had never tried them before. I decided it would be a good idea for us to try them together so we made some fruit kebabs. If you get a chance to make them it is lots of fun but even better to eat.

If making fruit kebabs does not interest you then maybe you can attempt the recipe below:




Good luck making the food. I hope you have as much fun cooking as we did.

Take care

Mr. Joseph



Home learning

This week for home learning along with cooking an easy meal (home letter) we would like you to complete these:

PSED, Communication and Language, Understanding the World.

What’s in the box?     

Hide items in a box and ask your child to guess what is inside by feeling and describing. Once the items are discovered, play a memory game by hiding a toy- What is missing?


www.deepeningunderstanding.co.uk – EYFS (TASK 3)


There are some fun activities on this website where worksheets are free to download and you can look through the different tasks set.



Try to listen to a bed time story every evening, they are shown at 6:50 every night and read by different celebrities.

When reading to your child a fiction book or after listening to a story could you ask your child some of these questions


Here are some pictures for you and your child to look at, Could you come up with a short sentence for each picture that your child has to write.

Try to help your children to use their phonics and spell words phonetically correct.

Use the sound mats sent home.

Remind them to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Modelling how to form letters correctly beforehand or during is also helpful.

Praise them for their efforts.

Join us online at 10:30am every day and get ready to make some noise!
Enfield Music Service has teamed up with Beat Goes On to provide exclusive daily body percussion sessions for Enfield pupils!
Monday 11th
Tuesday 12th
Wednesday 13th
Thursday 14th
Friday 15th



4th May 2020

Reception Summer Curriculum newsletter

Dear Bumble Bee Class, 

​ I continue to receive emails and photos from your parents about all the lovely things you have been up to at home. Thank you very much for sharing what you have been up to.

We hope you enjoyed the activities we set for you so far. As well as the activities we set you to do such as the curriculum bingo, it is important that you continue to practise your reading, writing, and maths skills everyday.

​ Since we have been away from school my daughter and I have been keeping a diary of what we have been up to and how we are feeling and drawing pictures to go with our writing.

How are you doing with learning different flower names? How many can you name? How many can you recognise? Have you drawn or made any?

 I hope you continue to have fun with your learning and and remember to stay safe.

Take care

Mr. Joseph 

Home Learning.

Week commencing: 04.05.20

Last week on 29.04.20 was world dance day and celebrities around the world were making their own dance videos. I would like you to think of your favourite song and make up a dance to it.

Encourage your child to incorporate lots of different types of movements in their dance routine.

During activity:

Personal, social and emotional development:

Watch videos of other children’s dance routines online and discuss what they liked in the routine and what they might want to copy. Discuss what they feel the dancer could have done better. Ask your child if they would like any help with ideas or if they would like Encourage children to use a wide range of fine motor and gross motor skills. Discuss any health and safety issues that may arise and how to avoid them e.g. tidy up before dancing or moving furniture.

anyone to join in with them e.g. parent/sibling.


Talk about dance specific vocabulary that your child may already know and maybe search and introduce some dance specific vocabulary e.g. rhythm, timing, beat etc.

Understanding of the world:

Watch dance videos/routines from a variety of different countries and cultures and discuss the similarities and differences.


Write down with support the different dance moves in your routine.

Physical development:

Expressive arts and design:

Help children to move rhythmically in time to the music. Children can design props for them to wear or use in their dance routines.


27th April 2020

Dear Bumble bee Class,

Good Morning. I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying spending time with your loved ones. I also hope that you are learning new skills and keeping busy with different activities at home. It has been lovely to hear from many of you through our class email and seeing pictures of what you have been doing. We are missing you as I am sure you are missing school and your friends and this helps to keep us connected.

My family and I have been keeping active joining in with doing Joe Wicks home workout videos in the morning and walking around my local area in the evening.

If we were at school this term we would be spending lots of time enjoying our outdoor environment and most definitely beginning to plant and identify new flowers. With this in mind, my children and I have been actively collecting and comparing seeds in our fruit as well as trying to identify different types of flowers on our walks. I think it would be a really good idea if you could test me on how many different flower names I can remember when we return to school. For you to able to do that you need to learn some different names of flowers that we may be able to see around this time of year e.g. daffodil


Take care and stay well.

From Mr Joseph

Home Learning Tasks 27/4/2020

I hope that you have enjoyed taking part in our curriculum bingo activities this week. One of your home learning activities was to complete a Garfield Logo rainbow using

the words ‘stay safe’. I have also created my own and taken a picture for our Community Flyer. You can email yours to our school office email or you can email them to our class email bumblebee@garfield.enfield.sch.uk. I look forward to seeing them!


In celebration of Earth day which was on Wednesday the 22nd of April: Here is an activity for you and your families to complete. If you have some colourful paper that’s great but if not, you could use plain paper and some colourful pens or pencils, any writing materials will do.  This activity is a fantastic one for your child to learn about the world they live in and how we can all join together in taking care of it.


Encourage your child / children to draw round their hands, you can draw round yours to as it’s great to show them how to do it. Draw round a round a round object (for the world) then cut them out. Use sticky tape or glue and add the hands to the world. Colour in the world and write on hands what ways they can help look after the world in which they live.

During Activity:

Personal, social and emotional development – Have a conversation about your backgrounds, where you live and the environment with your children- this helps develop your child when they learn about the world around them, where they live, what country / countries their families and friends may originate from, different languages, different cultures and foods from around the world – Lots of conversations can be had by all. 

Maths – You can talk around how many fingers and thumbs your child has when they draw around their hands, talk about money that we use in our everyday life. 

Language – It’s a topic to introduce new words into vocabulary when learning about the world around them, maybe even learn new words from their home language or a different language. Letters and sounds can be incorporated into this activity too. 

Understanding of World – You can discuss in with your child which ways we can help look after the planet in which we live , recycling , how to look after the animals and nature and each other

Literacy – you can write down small labels for your child using the sounds they have learnt and encourage them to read it (and the topic of their world) Read a story to them or they can read one to you 🙂 



Good Morning,

I hope you have had a rested and healthy Easter break. I also hope that you have continued to enjoy spending time with your families/carers. Please make sure you are also getting enough daylight and taking part in daily exercises to keep yourselves fit. We appreciate that home schooling has probably taken time to get used to and you are all missing school and your friends. We miss you too!

Whilst we have not been at school I have been teaching some other children, my son Ethan and my daughter Ellie.

My daughter Ellie learnt to ride her two wheeler bike and my son Ethan has learnt some new songs, words and some new dance moves. Have you learnt to do anything new since you have been at home?  Maybe you can share what you have been doing during your time at home. We are really looking forward to find out about all the different things you have been up to. You can write, draw or make something and send us an email about what you have been up to.

In addition as part of your home learning we came up with this fun bingo activity sheet! See how many you can complete and cross off!

Garfield bingo sheet


Also keep looking at the useful links on our website!



2nd April 2020

Dear parents/carers if you have any problems or queries regarding home learning sent, we have now set up an email that is directed to your class teacher or if you want to send in pictures of work that you have been doing please email:



30th March 2020

Dear Bumblebee Class,

Good Morning,

I hope you are all looking after yourselves and staying well. I also hope that you have been making memories with your families/carers and are using the packs we gave you to keep busy. Please make sure you are also getting enough daylight and taking part in daily exercises to keep yourselves fit. We appreciate that home schooling has probably taken time to get used to and you are all missing school and your friends. We miss you too! Take this time to fulfill different passions such as cooking, planting and creating and I will look forward to hearing all about your new experiences when I next see you.

Here are a few ideas that you can partake in whilst you are at home:


Miss Pericleous has put up two videos where you can practise your phonics sounds with her just like we would at school. Click on the links below and use your home phonics cards to follow along.



Login to phonics play and use the phase 2/3 areas to revise your phonics knowledge.


Write a letter to me to tell me what you have been doing whilst you have not been at school. Don’t forget to start your sentences with ‘Dear’ or ‘To’ and use finger spaces and full stops.


Count to 100 everyday using the link below and don’t forget and “let’s get fit, have some fun, count to 100 by 1” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TgLtF3PMOc

Go on a 2D and 3D Shape hunt around your homes and on a short walk in your local area.

Also keep looking at the useful links on our website!

Take care,

From Mr Joseph


Click on the images to access the websites.

Cosmic Yoga on YouTube





Phonics Play – Phase 1

Username: march20



Busy Things

There is a 10 day free trial.





P.E With Joe 

 Monday to Friday 9am for 30 minutes, keep your children and yourselves fit! Exercise lessons designed for all children!!!!




Family Learning
  Lots of fun activities to complete.

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