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Dear Garfield School Community,

April 2020

Over the last month , we have all had to start getting use to a different way of life due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I appreciate that this is a very difficult time. None of us have lived through anything like this before and so we are all learning together, how best to cope and get through, day by day.

I also know that there will, inevitably be, members of our school community who have been affected and suffered the loss of a loved one or are extremely worried about unwell family members.

Please know that I am thinking of you all and that all the staff are thinking of all the Garfield pupils and families at this time.

Although the school is closed, there are a number of ways we still communicate and we will continue to find ways to support pupils and families.

I continue with the promise I made to you all when the school closed that we would find other creative, manageable and safe ways to communicate and keep us all connected and we have!

Our school website continues to develop at a rapid rate and you will know that we have quickly created a very comprehensive section on Home Learning. Our next step will be to continue to develop learning that is not over reliant on ICT and continue to give parents a broad choice of opportunities to help them.

I want to say that I think all those adults at home who have been supporting our pupils with home learning have been doing an amazing job! You are finding a routine that works for your household and we have had some great feedback and examples of home learning sent in. Please do remember that our expectation is that everyone is doing the very best they can and so please do not be too hard on yourselves.

Please remember you can email either the school office or the specific email address for your child’s year group and we will endeavour to answer any queries as soon as we can.

We are also updating other sections with information for parents and will send you texts when there have been lots of additions to keep you alerted.

To our wonderful pupils, I have to tell you that you do not know how much I and all the staff miss seeing you !

Keep up the good work and remember to be especially kind, caring and helpful to all those you are living with . I know you will do this as we have such fantastic children at Garfield.

Please do keep sending in your photos or examples of work or art work as it really makes our day and can also then possibly feature in our regular Community Flyer .

Speaking of which, I have heard such wonderful comments from families, staff and governors about our first edition . It really lifted spirits, made people smile, feel proud to belong to Garfield and feel part of our school community.

Our second edition comes out on Friday 24th April and will be a fantastic read I have no doubt.

I continue to feel immensely proud of the tremendous support, resilience and hard work that our staff, pupils and parents have already shown at Garfield and I know that through this difficult time, the Garfield School community will stand united, strong and find ways to support one another.

Please all take good care, keep following the government advice to keep safe and well.
Best Wishes,
Karen Khwaja

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