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Dear Garfield School Community,
Over the last week or so we have all had to start getting use to a different way of life due to the Corona Virus pandemic. I know that many of you may be feeling worried and I am sending you all my best wishes to stay safe and well.

It has been a very difficult time and it was hard having to say goodbye to our lovely pupils, parents and staff, not knowing when we may see each other again. Although we may not physically be able to be together, my promise to you all is that we will find other ways of communicating and keeping us all connected.

Our school website will be even more vital during this period. I ask you to bear with us as we start to make significant changes to our website and create areas that support parents and pupils whilst we are home. We have lots of great ideas and plans to do this and very skilled staff who will do this. We will send parents texts once some of these changes are up and running.

I have been overwhelmed by the tremendous support, resilience and hard work that our staff and parents have already shown at Garfield and I know that through this difficult time, the Garfield School community will stand united, strong and find ways to support one another.
To all of our Garfield pupils, please know we are really missing seeing you all and will be working quickly, on ways your teachers and the staff who know you, can keep in touch through our website.
Please all take good care, keep following the government advice to keep safe and well.
Best Wishes,
Karen Khwaja





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