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Message from the Headteacher






January 2021

I appreciate that we are living in challenging times.  The Garfield School community has always been a supportive, kind and welcoming one and I know that we will help each other through this lockdown period.

Our aim is to ensure that, whether our pupils are currently learning in school or via remote learning, they receive a broad curriculum and teaching & learning is consistently good or better across the school.

It is appreciated that Garfield staff, parents and our pupils are continuing to develop their skills in remote learning.  Garfield is ambitious for what we can achieve and we will continue to refine and enhance our provision.  It is also acknowledged that some parents and pupils will need support and we will work together with them so that every child is continuing their education either in school or remotely.

I understand that there are members of our school community that have previously been affected by Covid or are dealing with it right now.  Please do let the school know if there are members of your family who are unwell.  It is also important to be clear that we do not expect any of our pupils to do their remote learning if they are unwell.

I am incredibly proud of our school community and promise that we will continue to find ways to stay connected to support and be kind to one another.

Please remember we will be sending out our weekly ‘Community Flyer’ which will have lots of interesting articles, advice and things to celebrate.

Sending you all my best wishes to stay safe and well,

Ms Karen Khwaja

The school is open for children of critical workers, children with SEND (EHCP) and vulnerable children from Tuesday 5th January onwards (see letter, application form and parental agreement below) 

Children should access the remote learning on the website, Class Dojo (years 1 and 2) and Google Classroom (years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

Here are the letter application forms to attend school and parental agreement:
Parent/Carer letter from 31st December 2020:
Application form for your child to attend school in the weeks beginning 5.1.21 and 11.1.21:

Parental agreement for children attending school in the weeks beginning 5.1.21 and 11.1.21:

Childcare Provision – Agreement – Jan 21

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