School Development Plan

Key Outcomes of Garfield School Development Plan 2017-2018


OFSTED Targets (November 2014)

  • To improve teaching to outstanding in order to raise achievement , especially in reading, by making sure that :
  • – Tasks are set in lessons that are always demanding and achievable for all pupils, particularly those who enter the school at a time other than the start of the year
  • – Pupils are given opportunities to read from a wide range of appropriately demanding texts in different subjects so that they can apply their comprehension skills
  • Track pupils’ achievement from the time they start school to when they leave so that the full impact of the school’s work is fully evident and planning is better informed

School Development Plan Priorities Overview – 2017-18

Outcome 1 Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

  • All leaders reinforce and model outstanding teaching and learning, focusing on maximising pupil outcomes in all aspects of the curriculum.
  • The development of Garfield leaders working with other schools and the development of the outdoor grounds are key priorities this year.

Outcome 2 Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • To provide inspirational and outstanding teaching and learning to all pupils across a broad and rich curriculum. The teaching & learning of writing is a key priority this year.

Outcome 3 Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • To ensure that all stakeholders understand and apply the school values (which reflect fundamental British values) and that all pupils come to school regularly to achieve attendance of 96% or above.

Outcome 4 Outcomes for Pupils -Achievement

  • To ensure that attainment and progress at the end of EY, KS1 and KS2 meets/exceeds national expectations in reading, writing and maths and science (ARE – Age Related Expectations).
  • To increase % achieved WAGD (Working at Greater Depth) so that is close to/in line with national.

Outcome 5 Early Years – Quality and Standards

  • Ensure provision & teaching and learning in the early years is outstanding, with children achieving accelerated progress from their starting points.

Where we will be by July 2018

  • All teaching and learning across all 3 key stages, is good with an increase in outstanding.
  • Standards are at least in line with national averages for ARE and we will close the gap between national and Garfield % WAGD.

Target Outcomes for 2017-18

Year 1 Phonics – 82% will pass the test

Year 2 Phonics retakes – (6/10) 60% will pass the test (some pupils new to year 2 this year)



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