Class Organisation


Foundation Stage

Nursery (one morning session)

Reception x 3 (Bumble Bee, Sunflower and Amber)

Key Stage 1

Year 1 x 2 (Rose and Ruby)
Year 2 x 3 (Kingfisher, Bluebell and Sapphire)

Key Stage 2

Year 3 x 3 (Tiger, Marigold and Carnelian)
Year 4 x 2 (Flamingo and Fuchsia)
Year 5 x 2 (Hummingbird and Lavender)
Year 6 x 2 (Grasshopper and Hellebore)

Children who experience particular difficulties are given extra support within the class. Sometimes children are withdrawn from class for specific purposes (e.g. literacy skills teaching). Support staff also withdraw groups for a wide variety of activities (e.g. art, science investigations) and for practical reasons (e.g. more space).

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