P1010170At Garfield, we follow a creative, skills based curriculum in the teaching of history and geography.

Humanities is taught through topics chosen to inspire learning, allow investigation and develop historical and geographical skills.

Pupils will study a range of geographical topics in KS1. These include: a local history study, exploration of a coastal setting, and a study of Brazil. Geographical topics in KS2 focus on how London has changed over the centuries, a study of Italy and an exploration of the Caribbean. Historical topics across the school include: schools in the past, the Great Fire of London, the history of London, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Saxons and Vikings, the Blitz and the Mayan civilization. Their learning is enhanced through theatre visits, trips to museums and themed days. Learning is planned creatively around children’s questions and ideas and taught through curriculum links such as literacy, art and ICT.

Humanities is taught to a high standard and differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils. We hope to foster a lifelong interest in history and geography.

At Garfield, we celebrate the many faiths and the multi- cultural diversity of all our pupils. As a multi- faith school we encourage tolerance and respect for each other. We celebrate the festivals of Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter and Eid -ul- Fitr where all the classes share in the excitement, gaining knowledge and understanding through participation. We reach out to our community each Harvest with donations of food to the local community, local charities and Enfield Food Bank,

In our R.E. lessons, we follow The Enfield Agreed Syllabus which guides our learning through exploring and making connections between different faiths. This gives our children a clear understanding of the major faiths and a sound basis of tolerance, respect and knowledge to guide them in their future. We take part in World Religion Day where all our classes celebrate their beliefs and find out more about each other’s faiths.

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