Complaints Procedure

Garfield Primary School Complaints Procedures

Complaints Procedure – Additional Information updated Sept 2017

Complaint Policy 2017 – Ratified Autumn 2017

Complaints – initial procedure 2017

We have adopted the Borough’s clear complaints procedure. You can also find this on our website. It is always helpful to firstly attempt to resolve an issue via your child’s class teacher (if appropriate). If this is not possible, the next stage would be to try to resolve the matter with the relevant Achievement Leader (linked to your child’s phase).

From September 2017:-

Early Years (Nursery & Reception)– Ms N Ames (Foundation Stage Leader)

KS1 (Year 1) – Ms J Choueke KS1

        (Year 2) – Ms S Selvi

KS2 (Years 3) – Ms M Walls

KS2 (Years 4) Ms K Getley

KS2 (Year 5) – Ms J Warre

KS2 (Years 6) – Mr P Flatley

If still unresolved, then please see a member of the senior team (the Link Senior):-

Early Years Ms Samuel (Assistant Head)

KS1 – Years 1 & 2 Ms Partridge (Assistant Head)

KS2 – Years 3 & 4 Ms Walls (Deputy Head)

KS2 – Year 5 & 6 Mr Newson (Assistant Head)

If the matter is still unresolved, then a letter needs to be sent to the Headteacher. The Head has devised a sheet to log and record any parental complaints and also analyse if they were resolved. We have very few complaints at Garfield as we try to be preventative and keep good communication with parents.

If still unsatisfied, parents can ultimately lodge a formal complaint by writing to the Chair of Governors c/o of the school office. See the complaint procedure (Appendix 1) of the Complaints Policy for more information. A copy of our complaint procedure can be found in the office and is available on our website

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